Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Is People String a good product and business idea?

PeopleString is really and truly Free Money on the Internet.  It's social networking, messaging, shopping, games, etc. - all rolled into one.  The best part is that you get paid to use it.  That's good, but the business side of it is that you get paid for the activity of everyone that you refer to the site.  In fact, you get paid for their referrals too!

This is a company and service that is now well-established and has even gone public on Wall Street.  Yeah, it's that big.  If there's any downside to it, it's that there is so much information to absorb initially, it can be a bit overwhelming.  That said, everyone on earth seems to be searching for Free Money online.  Well this is definitely it.

Check it out for yourself:  PeopleString

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How to stop procrastinating on your home-based business

Defeating procrastination is largely a function of two things: A bad enough 'want to' and the need for organized thinking. Endlessly spinning your wheels (without getting anywhere) is a very common problem when you are the boss of your own home-based business - especially if it's online. One reason for this is the feeling that you need more 'study', or that you're 'just not ready yet'. It's called The Paralysis of Analysis. You're working hard to master your craft (in fact, you're working all the time!), but you're still stuck in neutral. You're still not going anywhere.

So here's what you need to do. First thing: Break it down into manageable tasks. Don't try to think about and/or do everything at once. Focus on what is right in front of you at this time - i.e first things first. Suppose I ask you to produce a 30 minute, multi-media video presentation that explains everything about your business in way that properly sells it to customers or investors. If you're like most people, it would seem an impossible task. However, it's NOT an impossible task since thousands of people do it every single day, all over the world. So first of all, break down the job into sections. Write it down. A simple spiral notebook and a pen is all you need to get started. For example, on this project, you'll need a title. Then you will need an introduction that you write. You will need a clean, professional looking space to film yourself in. You will need to practice with the webcam and microphone. You will need to learn PowerPoint and how to blend it into your video - and so on and so on.

Each of these steps are just that - steps. How do you climb the stairs? One step at a time! The Chinese have a great saying, "A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step." In other words, the key to completing any long and challenging task is to break it down into smaller ones and, most important of all, to simply get started!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What is a good, solid online business?

The right answer is that there are more than one. But what you want is a business program with pre-established systems that you can plug & go with. It needs to be inexpensive for beginners, yet potentially very lucrative. Lastly, it needs to be the kind of set-up that everyone can understand and work with.

My suggestion for everyone desiring these qualities is to take a look at something called The Secret Stash Factory. This is about as complete as a turn-key online business gets. They've thought of everything, including systems for incorporating your favorite autoresponder, such as TrafficWave. On top of that, it's flexible in a way that allows you to scale the program up and down - depending upon your budget, skills and/or needs. You're paid directly (no middle-man) and you can do this business from anywhere on earth.

Does this sound like what you've looking for?

If so, then at least take a look. It's a lot of information to absorb (true), but that's because so much of the work has already been done and provided for you. If you're looking for an online business that has it all, then maybe The Secret Stash Factory is right for you.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Using TrafficWave with Traffic Exchanges

What do you want when you're in a Traffic Exchange (TE)?  I'll bet I can guess what you don't want.  1) You're not there because you love clicking your mouse for hours on end.  2) You're not there because you want to see what everybody else is selling.  3) You're not in the market for a new business opportunity.

Nobody joins or visits a TE for the shopping experience.  That is why you simply must stop advertising your “opportunity” in TE's!  Surfers are not clicking along looking for something to buy. They have something to sell... and they want to sell it to you.  They, like you, are surfing TE's because they want traffic.  That is why it is very important to understand what you can and cannot accomplish in the TE's.  Basically, you can't sell anything there and it's a total waste of time to try.  So how do you market your opportunity to people on Traffic Exchanges?  The answer is really quite simple:  Don't think of a Traffic Exchange as website traffic.  Do think of a Traffic Exchange as your source of leads.

Think about that for just a minute...

How did you end up reading this blog post?  Perhaps you did a Google search related to TrafficWave or Traffic Exchanges.  In short, you were looking for information that you can use rather than something that someone else wants you to buy.  So what's this got to do with TrafficWave and TE's?

You've probably heard it a thousand times...

“The Money is in the List”

That's true, actually.  With a nice-sized email marketing list of subscribers, you can earn hundreds with a simple push of the 'send' button.  But, first... it must be a responsive list.  And it won't be responsive if it's bombarded with offer after offer.  People do not sign up on a list so they can buy something. They usually sign up for information so they can learn something.  That is why you should use your TrafficWave autoresponder in the TE's to build your list, then use your list to build good relationships.

Give away lots of marketing advice that includes plenty of freebies.  THEN, when you do have a program or product to recommend, you are far more likely to have success.

A tip for Internet Marketers: Use a repeatable system

It doesn't matter what you market online, you need a plan and a system to be effective on a consistent basis.  Lots of people will skip and jump from one thing to the next in an online form of 'program hopscotch'.  They might join an online MLM, sell some affiliate product for awhile, maybe market an ebook, then give it all up and join a cycler, or a team-build... or something else.  The problem is that they don't do any one thing long enough to make a system out of it.

You will never succeed this way, even though it's what most people do.

Regardless of what you are selling/promoting online, you should concentrate on creating repeatable income/recruitment systems in your business. They don't have to be fancy, just profitable.  For example, creating blogs like this one (and learning how to get visitors to them on a daily basis) is a repeatable system.  With, it doesn't really take much technical skill and the website is 100% free!  Once you've done it once, then it's easy to do it again and again.

Your repeatable systems could take different forms (niche blogs being merely one example) just so long as they work.  For example:

* You can market niche ebooks with a blog.

* You can promote products in marketing forums.  This is especially a good idea if the products are free to use, genuinely useful, but far more effective with a paid upgrade.

* You can create your own "how-to" video courses on YouTube and/or other video sharing sites.  This idea has been, and remains, very effective.

Just about anything can qualify, as long as it's something you can do over and over again.  That's the key - repeatable systems that produce sales and/or affiliate referrals.  It's really just that simple.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is it weird... or is it genius?

As far as online money-makers go, you will have to be the jugde. I've never seen anything quite like this. I mean, it seems 'weird', but you'll see $534k made without ANY traffic generation & a huge traffic giant everyone just sort of *FORGOT* about.

It's quite amazing, actually. If you've been looking for some new ideas - or just one BIG idea - would could it hurt to just take a look at this.

Weird... or genius:  You decide. (new window)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Team Atlantis - EZBizBuilder‏

Team Atlantis (a sub-group of the famous Team OceanSwell) occasionally offers it's group an opportunity to form new Teams with new programs.  It looks like they've done it again... and this one's HOT.

The program is Ez-Bizbuilder.

Ez-BizBuilder has a quick 2x3 matrix (which means you'll receive 2 members, then they will receive 2, and then their two will receive 2 and you cycle).

When you cycle, you get a free entry into "Ez-Biz1000" (a value of 350 dollars) which is based on an infinite number of personal 2x2 cyclers. The cyclers are being loaded company wide so that's a huge benefit, because the entire membership (all teams and all individuals) will be pushing all members to cycle over and over again. A 2x2 cycler requires a total of 6 members to complete.

When cycling the first time from EZBiz1000, you receive $500 cash, an auto re-entry of your original position into the next available spot and also a bonus position.

And this is only the beginning, because each time your original position cycles again, you receive $1,000 cash and each time your bonus position cycles, you receive another $1,000 cash, an auto re-entry of that bonus position, plus another bonus position.

This will eventually create for you numerous positions and therefore numerous payments of $500 and $1,000 over and over again.

And if you think that's something, keep reading because the best part hasn't even started yet. As they build the Team, and your original 2X3 matrix (the "Ez-Bizbuilder") cycles for the second time, you get a free entry into Sunrise Travel (a value of 325 dollars).This is where it really becomes exciting, as you can earn $10,000 dollars over and over again! Sunrise Travel also reward their members with laptops and even cars. The entire Sunrise Travel Compensation Plan can be viewed at the end of this email via a link to their site.

In a nutshell, with a one time fee of $39.95 (plus AlertPay processor fee) you will be on your way to earn $500, $1000 and $10.000 over and over again.

Now if you're thinking $39.95 is a lot of money, hold that thought and think of it this way:  this is a one time fee, it is not a monthly fee program. You pay once. That's right, only one payment of $39.95 and you're in for life. Let's put it this way, what Ez-Bizbuilder offers for that price is the most affordable one-time cost available program for this level of return.This is going to be huge folks and it's only just begun.

More details about the Ez-Bizbuilder program can be found at the end of this post, via a link to their site.

Join Ez-BizBuilder here.  (new window)  Do this first.

Once you have joined, contact Didi Wargo (Founder of OceanSwell's Team Atlantis) to join the Team-Build project.  Please give her TIME to respond, as she gets a ton of emails every day.  Her email address is:   Do this second.  You will receive a Team Ad to promote in exchange for her group helping to place referrals beneath you. 

Remember, once you cycle from EZ-BizBuilder, you will receive free entry into EZ-Biz100o and then once you cycle from there, you will receive free entry into Sundrise Travel Club.

Sunrise Travel link (new window)

Truly Ez-BizBuilder is the way to go. A one time fee for a lifetime of cycling members beneath you. Make 2011 a very prosperous new year!

(by guest blogger:  Rusty L. Shelton)